CRM Comparison


A crm in the end, its ultimate goal is to help sell more with fewer resources since it makes the system help to have global information on the client and the behavior they have had and make a projection of the future to know if they can buy from me. or not.

The criteria that have been established to determine the validity of a crm is in relation to the 3 blocks that a crm must have, which are sales, marketing and communication and customer service. With these 3 areas, the strengths of each of them will be determined.

Dynamics CRM


It has a very powerful sales management module where it uses artificial intelligence to make sales forecasts.

Also in the marketing module it has functions to manage campaigns, obtaining profitability from it.


It is not very intuitive to use by a salesperson who does not have much experience in the use of crm and does not have valid customer service modules or a 360º vision of the client through KPIs and we can make quick decisions towards it.



It is a solution that has all the functionalities that a great CRM such as Salesforce, sales, marketing and customer service can have, it has a very intuitive 360º view of the customer and with the pending tasks to be carried out with the customer, as well as integrations with the main erps and tools such as signature, vozip, mailing, expenses, etc.

Its reporting modules are very easy to use and it provides us with information quickly and easily that many erps would like to provide, having a module called analytics similar to a BI where graphs are generated in a simple way.


For a small business you can be overwhelmed with so many options, although they can be hidden.



It is the best solution on the market, also with very high prices.

We can highlight the reports and graphs generated, as well as tools for the evolution of capturing potentials.

It has a native app that does not require a connection and the B2B platform is also very complete.


Being the best, to take advantage of all the functionalities, the integration with the erps makes the start-ups very expensive, so it is a solution that very few companies can really afford, since the cheapest versions mean that they are not they allow you to have integrations with erps, with which you cannot get reports or sales evolutions.



The main advantage is that the mobile version is intuitive and makes it easier for the salesperson to enter certain data.

Of the rest of the sales, marketing and service modules, it has all of them, but I think that it has not delved into the real use of them.


It does not have very adequate reports, and there is no joint vision of the client without being clear about what must be done with that client.

It is a crm that apparently seems very powerful, but if you start to dig deeper, it is not well done.



We have analyzed the top “Ultimate”, the best thing that Zoho has is the monitoring of opportunities, in a very intuitive and graphic way you can track them.

It also has other marketing and customer service modules, but just like Zoho, it is very focused only on the opportunities part.


It is a solution that can be fine to start in the world of crms, but if you want to go deeper, you fall short in all the modules, you do not have a global vision of the client and for a commercial to use it on a day-to-day basis and help you sell more does not work ..



It is a solution that has all the modules that we talked about initially, but it happens the same as Zoho, which when it comes to seeing the real operations are little worked on.

They have a billing module and projects, modules that not all crms have, since it is more a function of an erp than a crm.


The fact that when you start to delve into all the modules they have basic deficiencies that mean that an order entry operation or traceability of an opportunity to an order does not exist and that the reporting leaves much to be desired.



Those companies that have an ERP with SAGE will have better integrated data than with other erps, but it has many shortcomings since it does not have marketing or customer service modules and the sales module is very basic.


In the end it is the weakest we have in the comparison, it lacks many functions, it is not very intuitive and the advantage of having integration with SAGE and other erps have it.

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