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CRM Agricultural

WolfCRM has a vertical for companies whose main customer is a farmer or rancher, which are grouped into agricultural machinery, seed, fertilizer and phytosanitary companies, as well as other associated services such as irrigation.

It is a sector that normally has a structure of distributors and indirect customers with what must be created with the entities, customer, potential and indirect, the customer is usually the distributor, and the indirect customer is the customer of the distributor.

The way of working commercially is also by campaigns, which normally depends on what is sold and the farmer’s crop, sales campaigns of different types of machinery or sale of fertilizers or phytosanitary products are carried out.

This vertical includes functionalities that are fundamental and specific only in this sector.

  • Farms: it is what determines the segmentation of the client based on the size of their plots or livestock farms
  • Machines: In relation to the machinery that the clients have and their age, new machines can be offered.

In addition to the segmentation base that WolfCRM has, two modules are included that have market information, one of them is that of the beneficiaries of the PAC where the benefits of the PAC are seen by municipality, by amount and type of aid, knowing what would be potential customers. On the other hand, what would be the registration of machinery, in Spain it is mandatory that all machines be registered in a register by type of machinery

WolfCRM As a leading CRM solution for companies that have farmers and ranchers as clients, it has modules adapted to the sector that will help you cover all the business areas of your company. Some of these modules are:

  • field notebook
  • PAC data integration
  • machinery park
  • Besides

Field notebook

From where you will be able to know which farms and the traceability of their crops.

PAC data integration

We have the information on the PAC updated by any municipality in Spain and from where you can carry out campaigns to attract new customers.

Machinery park

Market sizing: we know all the registrations of agricultural machinery in Spain so that you can know the percentage of the market that you have and from where you can launch the supply campaigns.


You can also: Segment by crop, extension of plots or machinery, Second-hand Machinery Module, Workshop management

Alberto Ortega
Director General de Promodis España


WolfCRM has helped our network of partners to have a solution that helps them generate new business opportunities, improving their commercial and communication organization, all supported by the great support service of the Partnertec team, which have been evolving your solution to market needs

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