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WolfCRM is the leading CRM solution for food and beverage companies and has modules adapted to the agri-food sector that will help you cover all business areas of your company. Some of these modules are:

Trade marketing

From where the promotional resources and the sales obtained from them will be passed to the end customer.

Transfer orders

Orders can be made to the final customer directly through the distributors.

Intranet for clients

From where they can view order information, delivery notes and invoices and place orders directly.


Loyalty clubs, End customer integration with its distributors, Satisfaction surveys, Specific reports, by channel, margins.

Food CRM

A company without a CRM is a company that is more likely to fall behind in its industry, since many of its processes will be slow, isolated and the relationship with its client will not be effective enough to maintain loyalty.

For this reason, it is always necessary to have one that works in the different departments of the company, a CRM system for marketing, sales, customer service and more.

Likewise, a CRM helps those companies that have unleashed growth and that need to implement maximum organization in every corner of the company, including their marketing strategies. Strategies that must be aligned with sales and
user experience.

CRM marketing improves and accompanies the journey of potential customers through the sales shield, from the moment they get to know your company until they finally decide to become permanent customers. With such fierce competition due to the Internet, social networks, and the whole new world that digital marketing has opened up, it is necessary for companies to be active and aggressive when executing a market strategy, and this cannot be achieved if there is no a control of all the parts that interact in it.

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