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WolfCRM began more than 10 years ago as one of the first CRMs in a cloud version and in Spanish, designed by a team of professionals dedicated to sales and commercial management supported by a team of engineers with more than 15 years of professional development. web technology.

WolfCRM As an information solution for our customers and potential customers, it is an operational tool from which you can manage agendas, business opportunities, budgeting, routes, achievement of objectives and monitoring of commissions, all supported by a generation of reports and KPIs that they will make business tracking profitable on its own.

WolfCRM is not a mere computer solution, it is a work methodology that will make all the members of your team start working in a systematic way, generating continuous added value and safeguarding the goodwill of your company.

The 4 pillars of WolfCRM

WolfCRM is a customized solution based on 4 main pillars that make it a unique tool in the market due to its real and practical adaptation to the commercial and customer world.

The first pillar of WolfCRM is that it is a multidepartmental tool, it includes all the departments that are related to the client, from the sales force, such as the marketing and communication department through the management of campaigns and newsletter shipments, Customer Service with the incident monitoring, Quality, with satisfaction surveys, financial management, controlling customer profitability and general management with the control and monitoring of the company’s evolution.

El segundo pilar es que es una solución piramidal, cada usuario verá sólo lo que necesita, adaptándose a cada perfil a las funcionalidades que se requiera.

The Backend part of this module involves the management and validity of the documentation provided by the client, determining if it is valid or not, scoring the client and determining if they can progress in the processes until the contracting process ends. Together with these, other functionalities are included, such as the possible invoicing of part of the contracting or what could also mean the settlement of commissions to the salesperson who has sold it.

The third pillar of WolfCRM is a solution that integrates with the ERP of our clients, there being a bidirectionality of information between them, facilitating and reducing processes between systems. In addition, it will be integrated with other tools, such as agendas, RRSS, online stores, switchboards, trying to make WolfCRM the central point of information for our clients.

The last pillar of WolfCRM is that it is a tool with web technology adapted to different devices, be they mobile phones, tablets, PCs and within the highest security system that may be required and complying with all Spanish and European regulations in this regard.

What WolfCRM offers?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to the set of practices, tools, business strategies and technologies focused on optimal management and relationship with the customer.

If you’re looking for a custom customer relationship management tool useful for organizing contact information and tracking interactions, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

At WolfCRM we offer different software in relation to corporate needs and the professional activity carried out by the company, thus, it will perfectly adjust to your needs:

  • Professional CRM: ideal for a small company that is beginning to receive more orders and needs to control its system and departments.
  • CRM Marketing: plan indicated for those companies that seek to attract a large number of new clients without suffering in the organization and efficiency of their processes.
  • CRM Business: Tuned for companies that want to level up and control every detail, from user experience to marketing and sales strategies.

WolfCRM allows companies to manage and maintain contact with customers in a systematic and constant way, at the same time streamlining processes and improving the profitability of the company. Among all the benefits that WolfCRM provides, we highlight the following:

  • Better knowledge of your customers. All information is stored in one place.
  • Greater segmentation. You will be able to break down the data by categories and criteria, which makes it easy to create search criteria and focused lists.
  • Better customer retention. The system will help you keep your promises by reminding you through notifications of appointments or when to send follow-up emails to your clients.
  • Better anticipation of needs. You will be able to track the buying habits of your customers.
  • Better and faster communication. With a set of customizable and ready-to-use email and letter templates.
  • Better data privacy protection. Help obtain and document permission from your contacts to store and use their personal data.

In turn, our customer relationship management and administration tool has subdivisions in relation to the sector to which it is directed, highlighting the following:

  • Wineries: In this sector, Wolfcrm is the leader in the Spanish market, both in establishments and in number of licences. It is a unique solution in the market from where you can manage Enotourism has this module where we can manage any event that occurs in the company. GPV Online, is a price comparator for our wines or those of the competition on the main online wine sales platforms, managing the processing of OCM subsidies, control of Quotas for the most coveted vintages, control of commercial agreements, management of samples, there is no such suitable solution in the sector and with so many references.
  • Agri-food: From WolfCRM you can manage your direct and indirect channel, manage samples and associated commercial expenses, trade marketing, fair management, commercial agreements with large surfaces to control the profitability of promotional actions that we can do in this type of establishment, commercial intranet for their distributors, from where they can place their orders, consult promotions and download delivery notes and invoices.
  • Agricultural Inputs: In addition to the general functionalities of WolfCRM, all the beneficiaries of the PAC are available to be able to carry out promotional campaigns about them, registrations and registrations of machinery to determine who has bought the machinery and in what place and segmentation by farms, which will increase the chances with your potential customer. In the end, it is a solution that, in addition to having very powerful functionalities, includes the market, which is so important to know what situation we are in.
  • Engineering: You will be able to manage both public and private opportunities and offers, generating KPIs that determine the degree of success we have, carrying out traceability between the initial lead and the award of the contract. In addition, what would be projects will be managed once we are awarded them.
  • Engineering: You will be able to manage both public and private opportunities and offers, generating KPIs that determine the degree of success we have, carrying out traceability between the initial lead and the award of the contract. In addition, what would be projects will be managed once we are awarded them.

It also includes modules to manage photovoltaic installations that will help control the entire administrative and installation process of this nature.

You can now try WolfCRM for free for a month by downloading it from the link on our website.

Do not hesitate, the experience in the sector and the trust of our clients endorse us!

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