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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a software for managing customer relationships. They generally include commercial management, the area of communication and marketing, and customer service or after-sales. All in order to improve customer service and relationship, retaining them and improving the productivity of the company.

A CRM is an application that allows having all the information about a client in a single database. It not only includes general data but all the information related to commercial actions, communications, customer service… This allows all users to have complete information, which will produce a notable improvement in the knowledge of a client and this produces an anticipation of their needs, a better approach to campaigns and better customer service. A CRM in general includes a more or less detailed history of the activity with a client.

The use of CRM software is not only the use of a technology but it is a change of mentality for companies, it is the incorporation of a way of managing relationships advancing and the application of a strategy to attract and retain customers.


A CRM allows us to have collected all the information of a client: contact information, preferences, billing information, commercial information, commercial communications sent… This information is also properly organized so that it is easier both to use and to analyze face to propose campaigns to a client.

It allows access to information to various users from different departments, which speeds up interdepartmental communication and, above all, improves the relationship with customers.

The use of a CRM by a company avoids duplicating information or clients, as well as allowing relevant information to be shared immediately between users that might otherwise be inaccessible. Therefore, customer or contact management improves and collaboration between the different departments increases significantly.

It allows you to follow up on clients and make future plans. With a CRM you will avoid leaving customers unattended, since it is possible to see which customers do not have a future commercial action or which have not purchased for a long time.

A CRM allows you to automate a multitude of processes and carry out automatic communications, so the improvement in the performance and productivity of the different departments is remarkable.

Thanks to the CRM and its analysis and reports, setting sales targets and forecasting future needs is easier and above all more reliable. All departments will benefit from the analysis resulting from the different reports (sales, marketing, billing…).

In the marketing area, there is an increase in ROI (return on investment) since it optimizes resources and allows the design of personalized campaigns thanks to customer segmentation in a CRM.

A company with a vision of the future should not neglect its customers and within its digitization strategy, a CRM software such as WolfCRM is essential.

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A CRM is useful for the vast majority of departments in a company. To think that it is only useful for the commercial area is to significantly limit the use of the CRM.


The sales team is logically a department that benefits considerably from the use of CRM software. The visualization of the history of actions is fundamental for the understanding of the sales process of each client. Sales managers can monitor other sales representatives and gain insight into the goals and performance of different campaigns. In addition, the entire team sees a reduction in the time dedicated to purely administrative data entry work, which allows them to spend more time on commercial work.


On the one hand, the marketing department benefits from the multitude of reports and statistics on clients and previous campaigns available in the CRM, which allows them to design marketing campaigns that are better adapted to the needs of the clients and obtain therefore more acceptance.

Using CRM software, the marketing team can design campaigns, assign different tasks, managers, objectives… as well as carry out marketing actions such as telemarketing or sending electronic communications such as newsletters.


The customer service or quality department can benefit from all the information available, which has an impact on improving their service. The use of CRM allows omnichannel service and reduces incident or claim management time, communicating to the departments involved and improving customer satisfaction that they do not have to repeat and repeat the information since it is already available in the CRM.


The information of each client related to delivery notes, orders, budgets, shipping addresses, rates… is available at all times and allows quick access to these documents, facilitating the work of these departments.

It is also possible in a CRM to manage partners, suppliers and thus unify all the information necessary for a company in a single database.


The HR team can track employee performance and communicate with employees through CRM. Carrying out an analysis of the needs and the management of candidates for vacancies is another of the possible uses by this CRM department.

All the departments will be connected and will also obtain a global and non-partial vision of both the clients and the different business processes. The acquisition of a CRM, therefore, significantly benefits the entire company.


Having an online CRM is all advantages for users, the best CRMs are online CRMs.

Keeping all of our clients’ databases on a cloud server allows us to be sure that, on the one hand, the data is protected and, on the other, fully accessible from anywhere. Gone are the days when it was necessary to work on a certain computer in the office because it was the one with the management application and the one that was connected to the server.

It is not necessary to install software since the CRM online applications are accessible from the browser and to access them you only need an internet connection and the username and password. This frees the worker from the slavery of the office, offering them the possibility of working from anywhere and from any device.

The implementation of the online CRM is quick and easy, which significantly shortens the time between the acquisition of the product and the start of its use by the company. In addition, this means a reduction in the cost of implementation.

Online CRMs are extremely flexible, allowing use from anywhere, any device, allowing you to add more users or more sections if necessary. They adapt to the growth of the company by growing with it.

Collaboration between team members and between departments that do not work in the same place is possible through CRM, allowing instant communication and facilitating access to information immediately.


WolfCRM is the best CRM for your company. Because you want to dedicate time to what is important. You want to sell and offer an excellent service to your customers, keep the information updated and the different departments connected. In addition, the specialized modules that WolfCRM offers to the different sectors are the result of experience and communication with our clients. We develop WolfCRM thinking about the real needs of companies and we adapt to them.

WolfCRM is one of the best online CRMs on the market. It is easy and intuitive so the time dedicated to learning is short and thus allows a higher performance.

Thanks to WolfCRM you will have all the available information organized and easily accessible from anywhere and from any device.

The analysis of reports and statistics will allow you to improve your campaigns and obtain greater performance. As well as analyze each department and have a better idea of both the benefits, the objectives and the performance of the investments, the resources and other assets of the company through the different reports that WolfCRM provides.

Maintain communication with your customers through newsletters that you can easily design and send from the CRM. You will get statistics about its opening.. etc

Connecting WolfCRM with your switchboard will also allow you to easily make calls from the customer file. If you want to know more, contact us.

You can place orders directly from the CRM but it is also possible to integrate with the ERP you use and thus obtain information about your products, customers, orders…

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