Marketing area, within this area the fundamental module is the management of the campaigns, which is within a temporary period to determine what tasks have to be done, what costs we assign and to which clients they are assigned, for from there they are already actions , opportunities, orders, etc… can be associated to the campaign and then from obtaining statistics on the effectiveness of the campaign.

Then, from there, campaigns can be carried out in different ways, such as mailings, massive mailings, or telesales from where, with the integration with telephone switchboards, massive calls can be made.

More features can be included within the campaigns, such as integration with social networks, integration with mailchimp, etc.

Objectives to achieve

  • Train a professional in the Partnertec methodology.
  • May you have a profitable way to create an innovative and pioneering company in the market.
  • Implement the Partnertec methodology in the largest number of companies.
  • Offer new services in the Spanish market and with great demand potential.
  • Being part of a solvent business group with great sales potential.
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