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Get the best solutions for your company with our WolfCRM, a CRM that allows you to manage different departments such as marketing, communication, telecommunications, sales and customer service. We fully trust our CRM demo in Spanish, which has proven its worth in sectors such as wineries and agricultural supplies. For this reason we leave you a demonstration, so you can try all the advantages that it offers.

With WolfCRM you will have a 360º vision of the client, from sales information, incidents, communication results, with which you will have the necessary information to improve interaction with your client and attract new ones. WolfCRM allows you to optimize your time, reducing commercial administrative times through process automation systems and being able to invest more time in the sales process, achieving more sales in less time.

CRM demo features

WolfCRM is made up of four fundamental pillars, which you can test in our demo:

  • Multidepartmental. In this “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) software, you will be able to manage the base departments of your company such as those mentioned above (marketing, sales, customer service and more).
  • Integrable and compatible. In your CRM demo in Spanish you can manage and administer clients, invoices, orders, budgets, telephone switchboards, and web applications and then transfer it to your ERP. In addition, since it is an online tool, you can access it from any device with an Internet connection, be it mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
  • hierarchical . Our CRM is a pyramid tool that allows you to add as many users as necessary and delegate specific functions. In this way, each profile will be able to exercise only its powers, making it ideal for the hierarchical organization of the company. • In this way, each profile will be able to exercise only its powers, which is why it is ideal for the hierarchical organization of the company and that each user only has the functionalities they need, without adding new ones.
  • Adaptable and sectorial: WolfCRM is a crm that is highly configurable by the client, all the entities are adaptable by you, being able to add, remove or modify fields or changing the name of it, this will make the crm adapt to your nomenclature and your processes.
  • When you start using WolfCRM, although it is very intuitive and easy to use, we will always support you so that the use of your demo is as productive as possible, helping you with parameterization and including those modules that you may need due to your commercial structure and sector and type of customer you have to target.

All these features, as well as support for wine tourism, events, promotions and indirect or transfer clients, are available in the demo.

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    The importance of CRM in companies is increasing, the functionalities they offer for the organization, prioritization and simplification of processes are vital for the proper functioning of your company. Try our CRM demo for 30 days, enough time to take advantage of its benefits.

    We help you automate, supervise and customize every detail through customer management offered by a leading CRM in Spain such as Wolf, with 18 years of experience, more than 2,000 satisfied customers and more than 30,000 users with exponential growth.

    If you also want to be part of our clients, call us at 983 513 010 and in just 15 minutes you will have a personalized CRM demo for your type of company and industry. You can also send us a contact form with any questions you have.

    Several companies with a long history trust us, they have tested our system and are convinced that the processes are more efficient. Now it’s your turn. Bet on a winning strategy!

    Try WolfCRM for a month and you will have our advisors to teach you how to use this useful Wolf CRM demo software

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