WolfCRM’s vertical for the engineering sector is for those companies that sell through either public or private bidding and manage projects.

WolfCRM has the necessary modules so that an engineering company can carry out the entire commercial management process, whose steps are bidding-opportunity-offer-contract.

WolfCRM includes connectors with the main bidding platforms, which are absorbed into WolfCRM and then the company decides which of them turns it into an opportunity or not.

Another fundamental module is that of offers, and it is an offer adapted to the sector, where a scandal of the same offer is made, which includes which departments and activities are included, there is a version control of the offers and opening submodules.

Functionalities such as chained offer management, UTE management, multi-currency are also included.

Finally, the contract is the management of the accepted offer, duration, management of certifications, collections and payments.

WolfCRM, as the leading CRM solution for engineering and construction companies, has modules adapted to the sector that will help you cover all the business areas of your company, some of these modules are:

  • Monitoring of public tenders
  • Suppliers Module
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Besides

Monitoring of public tenders

You will be able to manage any business opportunity in all phases, including competition management, offer scores, margins, etc.

Suppliers Module

Where you can see all the documentation that is linked to it, making evaluation of suppliers, documentation management.

Opportunity Tracking

Traceability from the opportunity to the offer and contract, success rates by areas, zones, countries.


You can also do: Integration with public tender portals to capture leads, Management of works expenses, Project management module, quality systems

Xavier Falcó Artieda
Desarrollo de Negocio y Contratación


Our Business Department was looking for a CRM to optimize the relationship with the Client, so that the information was available to the largest possible number of users, but with the necessary filters to maintain confidentiality.
Among the variety of existing offer in the market, we set out four clear premises:
– Guarantee and ease of implementation
– Reasonable price
– Good after-sales service
– Security of the information

With WolfCRM we have achieved it because:
– They provide a local, agile and decisive service
– It has different platforms and we were able to choose one that they quickly adapted to our needs
– Subsequent customization will be done quickly and at a reasonable cost
– The price of the licenses is one of the best on the market
– We have managed to transfer our previous databases to the new system and also export the data from our CRM to other Company platforms so that we only have to enter them once.

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