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Enrique Valero
Director General Abadía de Retuerta, S.A


Implementing WolfCRM in Abadía Retuerta has been key to making the cultural change necessary to achieve our strategic objectives, which are very ambitious and which required greater customer focus, better planning and much more rigorous interdepartmental coordination. Our marketing and commercial departments have been able to improve in efficiency, quality and quantity of actions with our brand. I would especially highlight its adaptation to our business, ease of learning for the different user profiles, service, professionalism of the team and versatility at very reasonable costs.


WolfCRM has helped our network of partners to have a solution that helps them generate new business opportunities, improving their commercial and communication organization, all supported by the great support service of the Partnertec team, which have been evolving their solution to market needs

Alberto Ortega
Director General Promodis España
Miguel Ángel Martín Catalán
Business Development Team Coordinator


The implementation of WolfCRM has contributed to the improvement of EURO-FUNDING’s service provision procedures and has strengthened the planning and control of its commercial, technical and administrative activities.

In this sense, in relation to commercial management, WolfCRM has helped in the programming of activities and in strengthening the orientation of appropriate targets through more precise segmentation. Likewise, progress has been made in terms of telemarketing and the organization of specific campaigns. We also highlight WolfCRM’s versatility and ease of adaptation, as well as being an intuitive system that does not require special computer knowledge. For all these reasons, we value very positively the impact of the implementation of WolfCRM in the management of EURO-FUNDING


Our Business Department was looking for a CRM to optimize the relationship with the Client, so that the information was available to the largest possible number of users, but with the necessary filters to maintain confidentiality.
Among the variety of existing offer in the market, we set out four clear premises:

  • Guarantee and ease of implementation
  • Reasonable price
  • good after sales service
  • Security of the information

With WolfCRM we have achieved it because:

  • They provide a local, agile and decisive service
  • It has various platforms and we were able to choose one that they quickly adapted to our needs
  • Subsequent customization will be done quickly and at a reasonable cost
  • The price of the licenses is one of the best on the market
  • We have managed to transfer our previous databases to the new system and also export the data from our CRM to other Company platforms so that we only have to enter them once.
Xavier Falcó Artieda
Desarrollo de Negocio y Contratación

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